November 1, 2016 VOCO Creative

Top 3 Holiday Marketing Tips

The holidays seem to come earlier and earlier when it comes to planning and reaching your audience and consumers through marketing efforts. We know this can be a crazy time for business, so we’ve put together a few key tips to be sure you stand out amongst the holiday crowd:

Tip #1 – Get In The Spirit And Go Big With Your Offers
This is the time of year to offer your biggest giveaway, your sweetest sweepstakes, your craziest bargains! Many companies will be joining the giveaway conversation, but it’s your time to make a splash with an offer that is sure to grab attention! Be sure to find the balance between a great deal and a profit. Make sure you’re monitoring any promo campaigns closely to keep them in check.

Tip #2 – Early Bird Gets The Consumers 

The time is yesterday to start your holiday campaign planning. The holidays seem to come earlier and earlier each year and so does holiday planning. You definitely don’t want to miss out on Black Friday buzz! So, get ahead of the curve and put your holiday plans in place well in advance. Need help with your social or email campaign for the holidays? We’ve got your back, contact us for solutions!

Tip #3 – Mobile Friendly is a Must
With more and more shoppers moving over to mobile it is essential that their shopping experience is seamless, whether on a desktop or a device. Gain sales by making sure your products are readily available and easily accessible on mobile platforms. Think outside the gift-wrapped box and reach mobile users with exclusive offers on mobile-only social platforms like Snapchat and Instagram with geo-targeted campaigns and more.

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