September 2, 2016 VOCO Creative

OMMA Award Finalists

Finalist Badge AdCreativity

VOCO Creative was nominated as a finalist in the 2016 OMMA Awards for Online Advertising Creativity in the Photography category.

VOCO collaborated with Earth Balance to create a campaign that showed how delicious vegan eating can be, targeting the “Wal-Mart mom, who is looking to eat a little bit better.” With photographs mouth-watering, colorful, yet simple food, along with recipes and descriptions. This makes vegan eating more exciting and even surprises the viewer after reading that it is quinoa with a protein emphasis! Most importantly this photograph of a Strawberry Rhubarb Galette speaks to everyone and not just the target audience.

Credits: Heidi Jewell, Account Manager; Lauren Bendinelli, Social Media Manager; Olivia Wagner, Social Media Manager






Badge Finalitsts OnlineMarketing


VOCO Creative was nominated as a finalist in the 2016 OMMA Awards for Online Marketing in the Website Design category.

While it’s not easy making a Web site on environmental remediation interesting, VOCO managed to help RPI bring focus and life to an otherwise mundane topic of pushing the science of remediation. The previously outdated and ordinary Web site transformed into an informative and interactive experience. Each page provides in-depth insights about a vital aspect of RPI’s services. The mobile and desktop navigation options tell the story of how RPI leverages conceptual modeling with its products to directly target and eliminate toxic chemicals.

Credits: Todd Fleming, Juli Dimos, Chuck Born, Brad VanBrocklin, Anieca Ayler

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