The Challenge

Grow fans and email database with vegan loyalists and plant-powered humans using a specific, defined, full-proof strategy that will make product go flying off the shelves. With the sales data to back it up.

The Solution

Go after a specific retailer, Safeway, tapping into their vast audience to reach Earth Balance’s targeted market. Leverage the visibility and ubiquity of Safeway to increase awareness of Earth Balance in their stores, using cross-promotion to drive sales.

The Tools

A comprehensive geo-targeted campaign spanning email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, with stunning, high-impact imagery and dynamite messaging.


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The Story

Before vegans took over Instagram—in the most beautiful and appetizing way, we might add—they were harder to reach than you might think. In the past year, the vegan community has grown exponentially, coming together in plant-powered unity and dishing up a world of flavor for plant- and meat-eaters alike. But just before that, we had a problem: How do we talk to more of them, all of them?

We jumped on the idea to partner with a retailer with full force. With geo-targeted precision, we went after Safeway-goers with gorgeous visuals, empowering messaging we know vegans love, delicious plant-based recipes, giveaways, contests and in-store sightings on the social channels Earth Balance customers rely on.

Our tactful cross-promotion and strategic targeting resulted in an eruption of new Earth Balance fans. In just over a month, we had over a million impressions, 25,000 post shares, over 70,000 unique clicks, and a reach of 624,000.



Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. – Vincent Van Gogh

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