The Challenge

Grow Facebook fans with real, genuine people who care about their products, i.e, no sweepstakes sharks and non-pops-loving weirdos. Oh, and on an excruciatingly small budget.

The Solution

Launch a full-scale strategic social campaign to attract the right people while driving trial, awareness and sales.

The Tools

High-impact lifestyle imagery and messaging, concerted and continuously adapting targeting efforts, and boundless gumption to make dorky llama jokes.

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llamas harmed in the making of this story

The Story

Jolly Llama—known for their delicious all-natural, allergen-free sorbet pops—came to us with a big request: to accelerate their fans quickly but not dilute their brand name or reputation for quality. ‘Okay,’ we said. ‘We’ll do it, but ONLY if we get one free pop for every 500 new Facebook fans.’ Just kidding. But looking back, that was definitely a missed opportunity.

We kicked into high gear and helped their social following triple in less than 1 year, while successfully executing a consumer response program, build awareness of new availability, and implement trial and awareness programs across their product line. Their Facebook following grew from 22,000 to 69,000 in just over a year—a 215% growth spurt.

We primed them for acquisition, and less than a year later they brokered a successful deal with their new owner. And THAT, dear friends, is the power of social.





Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. – Vincent Van Gogh

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