The Challenge

Boost trial, awareness and ultimately sales of their flagship product’s cousin, Very Raw Honey. Specifically, increase sales of this esoteric product in select Target stores across the country.

The Solution

Create and execute a strategic campaign that led existing fans to Target’s shelves begging for Very Raw Honey, while simultaneously expanding our reach to acquire new fans and push product sales even higher.

The Tools

Extended deep market knowledge by zeroing in on Target lovers, followed by a thorough Target-branded social strategy that combined awareness, usage ideas and in-store sightings through compelling gotta-have-it-now storytelling.

madhava _vertical target






% lift in sales


Target stores now carrying Madhava

The Story

Everyone loves sweets. Everyone likes honey. That means everyone should want some Madhava, right? Sounds easy, but we weren’t after your average sweet tooth. We wanted passionate people. People who care about where their food comes from. People who know that “Very Raw Honey” says something about their eating habits and lifestyle. We wanted to drive a loyal band of followers, old and new, to Target’s shelves and grab a specific product—and this meant research. Lots and lots of research.

We learned where our existing and potential customers were, what sweeteners they like and use, what they want to hear, what motivates them, what foods they want for their families. Then we took this info and infused it into a story and message that would call them to arms. Working on several social fronts, we showed users incredibly delicious food, irresistible product giveaways and in-store sightings that literally drove traffic right to the product on Target shelves.

After a four-week campaign, we generated nearly 2 million impressions (all to those who were identified as having a high likelihood of enjoying Madhava products) and—best of all—were then sold into all Target stores nationwide. Super sweet.

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