The Challenge

Support Bhakti’s nationwide launch of their newest product—one completely unique to the market —Sparkling Tea, and seriously knock it out of the park.

The Solution

Introduce Sparkling Tea to the social market as the refreshing, summery drink you can live without; the bubbly best friend you never had; THE must-have beverage for Bhakti-lovers and Bhakti-virgins alike.

The Tools

A new, more polished look for Bhakti’s social, a vibrant mix of new, original lifestyle and product photography, giveaways, and a honed, crafted voice that rang true to the very core of Bhakti.


Audience Reach


Users Engaged


New Facebook Followers


Instagram Followers Gained

The Story

If you live in Colorado (like we do), there’s not a single coffee shop or grocery store in almost the whole state that doesn’t sell or carry their authentic Indian chai. This stuff is wonderfully addicting, and spicy as all get-out. Bhakti was another case of, Oh hey, we’re starting this brand new relationship! Neat! Oh hey, you have a new product coming out like, tomorrow! Yay! We needed a rock solid plan for support, and we needed it two weeks ago. Needless to say, we’re getting pretty good at these kinds of fire drills. They’re crazy, yes, but mostly rewarding and fun.
To make sure this bubbly new product—the first of its kind and the first non-chai product of Bhakti’s—hit the shelves with a bang, we wanted to give it the most tantalizing and gorgeous story possible. We introduced the teas with a more vibrant and modern look, while keeping Bhakti’s Indian-inspired background central, with gorgeous photography and elevated graphics. We prescribed personas to each of the teas, giving them personalities and stories—something hardcore Bhakti fans would drink up. We put together a slammin’ contest, Share Your Sparkle, that invited consumers to show their love for Bhakti and the new teas by submitting their own photos and sharing their stories. We supported numerous and overlapping Sparkling Tea promos in grocery stores around the country with geo-targeted Facebook ads. We drove trial and awareness with lots of VIP giveaways. And we elevated fans by sparking real conversations online and sharing their own photos on Facebook and Instagram.

We breathed life into these teas with a story that resonated with fans, with a brand new, but still familiar, look that sparkled and stood out. And it paid off. Social engagement. We reached 1 million people with our story. We garnered 10k new Facebook fans and 400 Instagram followers. We had 50k engaged users in two months. Our engagement rate increased by at least 1% across all channels. And the tea? People LOVED it.


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