The Challenge

To design, develop, and launch a full website from scratch for a company going through a rebrand. Oh, and they were launching a new product at the same time.

The Solution

Develop a dynamic look and feel using their new packaging as inspiration, while creating a brand personality to permeate the website in a strong and cohesive, voice.

The Tools

Deep strategy and planning in collaboration with the brand and marketing teams, several rounds of creative to pull out the intended personality of the brand, and lots and lots of coffee.

The Story

Good Karma Foods® became a VOCO client at an exciting time in their brand life, as they were going through an extensive rebrand and a new product launch with the first-to-market allergen-free probiotic beverage. It was the perfect storm. They had all-new packaging. New products were about to hit shelves. We helped them discover their new brand mission: Inspire Goodness. And where many brands will focus on product first, mission second, Good Karma wanted to flip the script and focus on their mission of spreading Good Karma. We dig that. And all of this needed to be reflected in the new website.

The challenge in building it came in channeling that mission of inspiration, while also highlighting the one-of-a-kind product attributes in an authentic way. Creating this complementary relationship is where the bulk of the work came in. Working very closely with the Good Karma brand team—we’re talking pillow friends, here—we were able to narrow down, from four options, the look and flow of the website that would support both goals.

After a turbulent but rewarding journey to the website design that we all felt passionate about, we finally launched a super smooth, brightly colored, inspirational website with an unrecognizable look compared to the Good Karma of old. The learnings that came out of this intense project were invaluable to those following, and the reward—well, after the successful launch our partnership grew to include full digital, print and social across platforms as well as gorgeous food photography and videos. Talk about good karma.

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Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. – Vincent Van Gogh

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