The Challenge

To position LEVEL Life as the first—and only!—diabetes brand with a social media presence (worth listening to) and dedicated following (worth being a part of), while launching a new line of delicious, diabetic-friendly products.

The Solution

Strategize and flawlessly execute a plan to enormously increase trial and awareness, activate superhero-like brand ambassadors and define a message and story that diabetics (and those in the weight-loss market) are fired up about.

The Tools

Deep strategy and planning in collaboration with the sales and marketing teams, a full digital, print, and social execution for a cohesive message hitting the target from many angles.

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The Story

From the very start, LEVEL Life consumers had an emotional and passionate connection to the brand, as it offered two different kinds of solutions to their biggest and most frustrating problems. Number one: a one-of-a-kind glucose gel to treat low blood sugar in people with Type 1 Diabetes. Number two: a line of protein shakes and bars that aid in managing blood sugar and weight in people with Type 2 diabetes and beyond.

Though LEVEL Life was not the first to offer low-sugar, high-protein on-the-go foods in the conventional market, they were the first to move away from the medicinal, geriatric (read: completely boring and sterile) way of marketing to consumers through a dynamic social media presence. Over the course of a year, we helped continue to nurture and grow the young brand, as well as vastly change the way people look at products marketed primarily to people with diabetes.

Beginning with a social media campaign to launch a line of low sugar sweet snacks, our relationship with LEVEL grew into one that spanned full digital, print and social across platforms on a start-up budget with pretty impressive results. In a matter of months, we grew Facebook fandom by over 100k. We increased email subscribers by 30%. We ran a dozen contests that amassed almost 2 million entries. We adapted as we expanded, tweaked when necessary, assessed and reassessed the best ways to reach such a small, but powerful audience. We helped put this much-needed brand in front of people who didn’t know they wanted it until it happened.

And as they got to know us, and as we got to know them, their stories started pouring in. They loved LEVEL. They felt empowered by our words, they felt energetic, they were prepared for long days away from home knowing our bars and gels were close at hand. Some lives were literally saved by these products. We couldn’t have asked for more.



Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. – Vincent Van Gogh

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