Transcend Influencer Program & Kit

Transcend foods had been around for a few years when we began working on an influencer program with them. Despite their time in the type one diabetic world, Transcend had yet to truly establish themselves as a major community member on Instagram. The platform has emerged as one of the main areas type one diabetics go to share and engage with others on what is and isn’t working for them. Improving Trancend’s position in the Instagram community was paramount to increasing sales and brand awareness.

To achieve this, our goal was to have type one diabetics try Transcend and post about it on Instagram. By telling us a little about themselves, they became a Transcend Warrior and received an influencer kit. Our design team created a fun and engaging box that contained branded merch like stickers and a Myabetic bag, which is a highly-used bag within the community designed specifically for diabetics.


Transcend Foods

Capabilities Used:

  • Brand Strategy & Implementation
  • Integrated Marketing & Advertising
  • Content Creation & Strategy
  • Website & E-Commerce
  • Social / Digital & Influencers
Transcend Social Media Campaigns
Transcend Social Media Campaigns
Transcend Warriors Instagram


After collaborating with our design team on campaign language, our copywriting and social media teams set out to execute a campaign that people saw themselves in. The campaign ran a couple of months, and we welcomed over one hundred Transcend Warriors.

Transcend gained over 2,000 followers on Instagram and saw an increase in interactions. With so many Transcend Warriors, the website received a lot of new information. We were updating it with new content almost every day, which was extremely helpful in boosting Transcend’s SEO performance. Most importantly, Transcend established themselves within the type one diabetic community and positioned themself for future success.