Wickles Wicked Garlic Launch

In early 2021, Wickles set out to launch Wickles Wicked Garlic. Up to this point, Wickles had been in the traditional pickle and spreads spaces, so this was an exciting opportunity to expand in their pickling endeavors. Our team set out to make sure it was a success.

We started by creating the product render and other necessary distributor assets like sell sheets. We then shifted our focus to raising product awareness. For every new product launch, it’s crucial for current and new potential customers to be excited. We started by reaching out to Wickles’ newsletter subscribers with emails dedicated to the launching of the Wicked Garlic.


Wickles Pickles

Capabilities Used:

  • Brand Strategy & Implementation
  • Integrated Marketing & Advertising
  • Content Creation & Strategy
  • Website & E-Commerce
  • Social / Digital & Influencers

Custom Recipes

To continue to raise awareness, we created custom recipes like Wicked Garlic Parmesan Fries, Wicked Garlic Grilled Caesar, Wicked Garlic Cheddar Biscuits, and Wicked Chicken Parm Garlic Knot Sliders. All of these recipes received custom photography, videos, and gifs to be utilized across social media platforms and Wickles’ website.

Influencer Box

Once launched, we worked to get the new product into as many hands as possible. One of these efforts was through an influencer program. Our design team created branded merch such as hats and stickers. They also designed recipe cards. There was lots of excitement around the product, but we wanted to continue to increase awareness. We encouraged online sales, and with every purchase, the customer received a free Wicked Garlic.